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Climartis is a new technology group in the area of energy transition. Our mission is to make renewable energy safe, available and affordable by developing tailored solutions for residential and commercial customers and helping them switch from fossil to renewable energy sources. To this end, we invest in Swiss SMEs in this area. Through customer-oriented transformation, digitalization, employer branding and education and training, we help our portfolio develop new business models and help alleviate the shortage of skilled workers through attractive jobs.
Our mission

Leading energy service group in Switzerland

Climartis is establishing itself as a leading independent group of entrepreneurial energy service providers in Switzerland. With the acquisition of Lehmann 2000, one of the most important providers for the construction of thermal networks, we were able to set a first milestone in this regard.

Strategic cleantech investments for decarbonization

The common thread in our portfolio is our contribution to climate neutrality and the reduction of CO2 emissions. Between 30 and 40% of global C02 emissions are attributable to construction and buildings, which is why we see the greatest leverage here. We therefore make targeted investments in cleantech companies with a focus on decarbonisation.

Digitalization and optimization of portfolio companies

Our commitment extends to the digitalisation and optimisation of our portfolio companies to ensure efficiency and excellence in the evolving energy sector. The focus is not primarily on digitalisation, but on the transformation of business models that benefit the end customer.

Innovative, customer-friendly energy services

Our dedicated and motivated teams are committed to exceeding our customers' expectations and establishing ourselves as an industry leader - with innovation at the forefront of our minds. We want customers who say "wow" and want to achieve natural customer loyalty through outstanding service.

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Satisfied customers
Connected households

Wir sind ein Betriebssystem für die Energiewende, für neue Kundenerlebnisseund innovative neue Produkte.

Samuel Hügli

CEO und VRP, Climartis AG

Climartis has significantly helped us to optimize our sustainable energy services. Their expertise and support have contributed significantly to our success.

Thomas Aeschlimann

Management/CFO, Lehmann2000

Mit dem geballten Know-how in Sachen Digitalisierung und dem Vorwärtsdrang und Zukunftsglauben der handelnden Personen wird Climartis die Energiebranche in der Schweiz in ein neues Zeitalter führen.

Urs Felber


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